Child Safety

How to keep an eye on your child online

It should not come as a surprise to learn that our children are interested in technological devices, namely: I-Pod, X-Box, PlayStation, the Internet and the list. It is simply in line with the norm of every generation, that is, everything stands out in every generation.

The Internet brings the world to your home, and while there are many advantages, there are disadvantages and help in keeping an eye on a child online when they use it, these tips are provided.

I have always heard older people say, “You should not teach new tricks to an old dog” when it comes to machine learning. I may not know, but what I do know is that it is a good idea to think of anybody who has minors in their homes, who uses the Internet.

The perfect way to learn about the Internet and computers can be a little daunting, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you are wondering why you were so worried about it. You do not need to start with all at a time, take it a bit at a time, and you will know enough to work around it before you know it.

child on the screen

Do not leave your child on the screen alone, because we do not have faith. It may be that your child is in line with all the laws of the Internet, but needless information can find its way to your child’s vision many times and without warning. You will then be able to keeping children safe online by coping with the matter quickly.

It is also a good idea to have your machine in a public place at home. That is where you can quickly see what your kid’s doing when he / she is on it. The living room is usually the ideal venue, and the bedroom is not ideal.

What are you doing?

Learn what your child is doing when she/he goes online. Does he play free games, or is he on Facebook? Maybe he is doing his school task, or maybe he is talking to a friend of mine. Let him/her not only tell you what they are doing, but get them to show you what they are doing.

Personal information data

Please remind them not to share information online, including home address, phone number and school, to name a few.


Sit down and talk to your child about online threats and determine what action should be taken if you face them. Cyberbullying, for example, is a hazard that cannot be dealt with in the privacy of your child’s home.